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Fairweather Rooms & Rates

We are pleased to provide you with many options to consider as you plan your stay in and around our neighbourhood!  We would also be happy to also recommend local restaurants and activities for you to consider...


(Fairweather Rates and availability are in effect from April 1 - November 31st)

The Bunkhouse

Sleeps 4


The Bunkhouse consists of 2 'double' bunk beds - single on top, double bed on the bottom.   This space is perfect for laying your heads down after a long day spent on the Bruce Trail! Rate: $60 per person per night (includes breakfast)

OK Corral

Sleeps 2


OK Corral is simply yet comfortably appointed and ready for sleepy heads.  This is the perfect space for quiet, downtime!  Rate: $60 per person per night (includes breakfast)

The Saloon

Sleeps 6


You can book the entire space: The Bunkhouse, OK Corral and the Saloon for your personal use.  This offering also includes the kitchenette and private bathroom.  This is perfect for the ski or hiking family who want to get out and explore our neighbourhood by day but need a central location to lay their head! Call us for more information on how to customize your stay!

Rate: $TBC Based on Occupancy per night 

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