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Nestled on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, we are ideally located central to ski hills, golf courses, Bruce Trail, Artisans and Horseback Riding


A word of warning - don't necessarily trust your GPS to find us!

From Toronto West:

  • Take Hwy 401 westbound

  • Drive north on 410 (turns into Hwy 10)

  • Continue on Hwy 10 through Orangeville to the lights in Primrose (Hwy 89)

  • Head west on Hwy 89 until the first lights on the outskirts of Shelburn (Cnty Rd 124, No Frills on the SE corner)

  • Turn north on 124 through the lights at Masonville, past the bend for Hornings Mills, past the 20th sideroad, up to the four corners of Redickville (Cnty Rd 21)

  • Drive east on Cnty Rd 21 and right through the town of Honeywood

  • Look for Prince of Wales Rd outside of the town of Honeywood

  • Go south on Prince of Wales Rd - look for the emergency #638135 or our roadside sign


From Toronto & East:

  • get to Hwy 401

  • go north on Hwy 400 until the exit for Hwy 89

  • go west on Hwy 89 through Cookstown, Alliston and Rosemont turn north at the next lights (Airport Rd) 

  • go north on Airport Rd through Mansfield, past the amber flashing light for the Mansfield Ski Hills and at the next amber flashing light, turn west on Cnty Rd 21

  • Drive west in Cnty Rd 21 counting down the sideroads from 1 enjoy the sights especially the dive down to Black Bank  as you rise out of Black Bank, drive past Center Rd

  • The next sideroad is Prince of Wales Rd (if you end up in Honeywood you have gone to far!)

  • Go south on Prince of Wales Rd - look for the emergency #638135 or our roadside sign



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